Divorce Mediation


Do I have to go to Court to get divorced?
Going Court is stressful and confusing. It isn’t unusual to blame yourself for the end of the relationship or blame the other parent. If you have children, you work hard at having the “perfect” family.

On top of all of these mixed up feelings, you might have to spend countless hours at the courthouse and your life savings paying for your legal fees for your custody battle. At the end of your matter, you may end up with a result that lacks fairness. At My Legal Assistant we understand how sensitive these issues are. You don’t always have to go to Court and spend a fortune in dissolving your marriage. Call us to see if mediation is right for you.

Do I have to have a lawyer to get divorced?
The answer is NO; you don’t always need to hire an attorney to get divorced. The truth of the matter is that if you and your spouse are communicating, My Legal Assistant can help you reach a mutual agreement after you are informed of your legal rights by an attorney. With My Legal Assistant you can potentially save thousands of dollars, time in court, avoid stress and you end up with an agreement that both parties are more like to comply as it is, after all, what you decided rather than what someone else believed was best for you and your children.

Compare a hypothetical scenario below and see the potential differences between going to Court vs. mediating with My Legal Assistant.

Explore The Alternatives

YOUR PERSONAL/FINANCIAL INFO IS PUBLIC RECORD. All the filed declarations where you and your spouse make accusations against each other to gain advantage are public records available to anyone to view, even years later by your children and grandchildren. 

CHILDREN IN THE MIDDLE OF CONFLICT. If custody is contested, the court will probably appoint a lawyer for your children and the lawyer will probably insist upon invasive psychological evaluations of the parents. 

SOMEONE ELSE DECIDES. The outcome will be decided by a judge or commissioner. 

COURT OVERSEES EVERY DETAIL. The Court will determine when and if you will see your children. 

HARD TO ENFORCE. You and/or your spouse may not feel committed to the results be-cause of a lack of participation in the process, bitterness fostered during the proceedings, or lack of fairness in the result.

DISRESPECTFUL. You could find yourself walking wounded after experiencing a day of emotionally draining experience of watching your spouse and yourself being torn to shreds in court.  

YOU SPEND LOTS OF MONEY. Your attorney's hourly fees could be in the tens of thousands of dollars. You might end up broke. 
YOU HAVE PRIVACY. There are no filed declarations making accusations against each other. You maintain your good reputation. Mediation is a confidential process where decisions are made in a private conference room.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN. The two of you will determine what's in the best interests of your children.

YOU ARE IN CONTROL. The outcome will be determined by you and the other parent.

YOU HAVE CHOICES. You can try out various parenting plans to see if they work. You can modify the plans as your children get older without returning to Court.

MORE LIKELY TO COMPLY. Child support, spousal support and parenting plans are more likely to be maintained when mutually decided.

DIGNITY. You will maintain your dignity. You will experience the challenge of working with your spouse to make the best of a bad situation. If you can't save the marriage, save the divorce.

YOU SAVE MONEY. Your mediation flat fee will be a fraction of what you would pay an Attorney. You may have money left for your children’s college fund or to take a vacation.
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