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How Can Our Legal Assistant in Vista CA, Serve You?

A Legal Document Assistant (LDA), formerly known as "Independent Paralegal" is an experienced professional who is authorized to prepare legal documents at the direction of the client without the high costs of an attorney. Let's work together so that you avoid the stress and high costs of litigation.

Legal Document Assistants must undergo certification procedures in California, must be registered and bonded. In addition, true Legal Document Assistants and Divorce Paralegals are required to have continuing education. Most Legal Document Assistants charge on a flat-fee base. With a Legal Document Assistant, you may end up paying a fraction of what you would spend if you were to retain a divorce lawyer.

Although there are also books and divorce tutorials on doing the work yourself, preparing the divorce forms and a Marital Settlement Agreement is a lot more complicated than filling in spaces in a job application. It involves knowledge and experience. We encourage you to consult with a lawyer before you decide to represent yourself in a legal matter.

What Sets The Best "Divorce Paralegal" Apart


My Legal Assistant is known for being committed to understanding our clients’ sensitive situations; our respectable reputation in the community sets us apart from other offices.


Our clients benefit from our 12+ years of experience in the preparation of legal documents without having to spend excessive amounts of money in hourly legal fees.


At the end, our clients are satisfied knowing that they have obtained Court orders; some without having to step into a Courtroom, and others having saved a significant amount of money.


Average amount saved per person by hiring My Legal Assistant


Average number of weeks to reach an agreement with My Legal Assistant


Years of

Legal Assistance You Can Trust

Gabriel O. Morales, M.A., LDA, IC., has over twelve years of experience in the preparation of divorce documents. Before becoming a Divorce Mediator in Vista, CA., Gabriel worked very closely with a successful family law lawyer for over 10 years

Gabriel graduated from La Costa Canyon High School and obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from California State University San Marcos.
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Our Clients Say

my legal assistant review 1
Gabriel is a really responsible man and takes his job really seriously. He's always trying to help people out. With the knowledge he has, you don't always needs a lawyer. Gabriel has excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend him.
Dariana P.
Vista, CA
my legal assistant review 2
Gabriel is a true professional. He is knowledgeable, organized, punctual, and meticulous. Throughout the process I felt at ease, as much as it may be possible while going through a divorce.
Irina N.
San Diego, CA
my legal assistant review 3
Gabriel was very professional and helped me a great deal. I will be referring him to my friends! Also very friendly and he truly cares!
Sophear M.
Oceanside, CA
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